Of course Jason, we believe you… (x)


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theres a new video that will is in called like f*ck the westerns will arnett film check and he mentions jason in it! so cute you should watch it

You guys this is awesome!! Thank you so so much anon :D <3

You can watch the vid here and I’m gonna make gifs of this right now! (He mentions Jason at 2:22, and again at 4:00 and AD at 8:00… you know what, just watch the whole thing^^)

"Have you met Will? Oh God, you’d love him. If I didn’t know him so well I’d be starstruck by him."
Jason Bateman, from the 4-paragraph detour about Will Arnett in this Guardian interview. (via daisiestdaisy)

what is your favorite recurring joke in [Arrested Development] ? x

"From moment one, Jason and I really got along so well, and it was apparent that we could just work together really well. And he’s such a great, giving performer, he really is, and he’s so smart and he’s so talented, and our relationship— I think Mitch and the writers immediately let us play a lot together. And we have such a great time. We really do have so much fun working together"
[Will Arnett on working with Jason Bateman in Arrested Development x]