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[4x01 Flight of the Phoenix]

So I saw this interview of Tina Fey (whom I love btw) talking about an “arrangement/understanding” between her daughters and Will & Amy’s sons, and I’m sorry but there’s already an arrangement for Will’s sons and Jason’s daughters, so we’re gonna need to talk very seriously about that with the people involved


Enjoy this Loveline clip of Jason being possessive of his boyfriend Will




A message from Anonymous
do you really believe they have a sexual relationship? *crosses fingers*

Haha I have the best anons ^^ Ok… let’s do this!

So when they met, they were both married, and I don’t think they’re the kind of guys to cheat on their wives. So even if there were an attraction (which I totally think happened) I don’t think they would have act on it. From what I gathered tho, they became really close real fast, they were always spending time together, watching tv show and all… (I mentioning that because I love thinking about them all curled up in front a tv… corny I know). And after Arrested Development they created together “dumbdumb” like to be sure to never be apart.

Anyway my theory is that there were an attraction which because of the circumstances evolved in this great great friendship. But I believe the attraction is still there. They’re always so awkward when they make sex  jokes, and Will seems to have this drive to kiss Jason, but he always stopped before it happened, which is a shame because Jason would have let him do it (in a “haha omg we just kiss” way for the camera but still).

Last year was the all “hey look what if we pretend to hold hand and stuff for the cameras” which was funny but also come on, there’s more under that. And lately they seems to hang around less often because they’re so busy, but they always mentions each other in interviews, sometimes it comes from literally nowhere, so it’s like they’re always on each other mind, and thinking to one another.

So, dear Anon to answer your question I’m not sure they really have/had a sexual relationship on the physical sense but I think there’s a sex vibe between them. Despite that, I like to think that some border lines things happened during the Arrested Development shootings and maybe in their dumbdumb office (and I also enjoy thinking about it^^). Also, I do not wish anything wrong to happened to Jason marriage but if at some point they’re both single, I really hope that they realize all their feelings, and will do it all day long. Like you said, finger crossed ;)

That is what I think with a kind of objective (ok, not really objective) point of view. Now, in my great imagination, the story is reaaallllyy different ;)

If anybody wants to reblog that and add their thoughts, please do ;)