Did you guys notice how Jason always put his hand between his thighs during interviews?


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where can i find will/jason fanfics?

Unfortunately there is no Will/Jason fanfics yet… I’m still hoping that someone will write one, and then of course I’ll put the link on this blog.

There is some great Gob/Michael one tho, check out this post made by operationhotbrother

"Dumbdumb is a name that Will always used to call me around set, so I started calling him that, too. It just became our way to flirt, our term for angel or honey or sweetheart" Jason Bateman (x)


here it is finally. special thanks to operationhotbrother for helping me out on this. and I thought of shippingdummies the whole time. 

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I love your blog, thank you for creating it ALL HAIL THE DUMMIES <3

Thank you :D and yeah, All hail the dummies!


I did photoshop on a thing

[4x01 Flight of the Phoenix]